Pre-Registration Form

Pre-Registration allows you to register now for the 2020-2021 dance season, while being able to put in your own requests and conflicts. Pre-Registation allows you to have a say in how the fall class schedule is made!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything's uncertain for me right now - what if I don't know what my schedule in the fall is?
That's okay! You should still pre-register. You can always call or email the studio to update your availability. Pre-Registration ensures that you're counted in for the next dance season!

How much does pre-registering cost?
You can Pre-Register with a deposit of $50 if you're a single-dancer taking one class or $100 if you're a family or a single-dancer taking more than one class.

What if I can't make the class I'm given?
You can always switch to another available class, or if you can't make the schedule work, your deposit is 100% refundable.